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In my lifetime I have been involved with six real estate transactions and, in each case, was fortunate to work with a knowledgeable, honest and effective agent. But, until recently, I never considered using a buyer’s agent. Having made the decision to move from my residence in the mid-west back to Maine, a friend suggested using a buyer’s agent and recommended Annie Higbee. Even before meeting Annie in person it was clear, from our phone calls, that she is bright, enthusiastic and willing to carefully listen to what I need and want, instead of promoting whatever properties she and her agency had for sale. Having now moved into my dream home – purchased at a price that was within my initial budget – I have nothing but the highest praise for Annie. As a real estate agent, I found her to be not only responsive, flexible and very supportive, but also, diligent, efficient and patient as I flip-flopped from one “I like it!” to another. Perhaps even more important, though, she is frank, shrewd and operates at the highest level of integrity, encouraging me to keep looking until I found the property that was “right” for me. Once we found that property, she devoted her seemingly boundless energy to clearing every hurdle and making it possible for me to move quickly into my new home. Normally, this would be the end of my review, but I would like to also add that not only did Annie earn my respect for her work as a real estate professional, but she is someone I would be happy to have as a friend. She is well-educated, cheerful and enthusiastic about life in general, and Maine in particular. Bottom line: I have no hesitation offering the highest praise for Annie and no doubt that should you, too, have the opportunity to work with her you will be pleased with the outcome.

Jeff H.

Beginning with our initial contact with Annie, she always responded very quickly and then followed through with every detail. She learned about our likes and dislikes quickly and made sure she showed us a range of properties that would suit our interests, even though we weren’t even sure what they were. We immediately felt liked we “clicked” with her. She is a down to earth person who clearly is very knowledgeable about her field of work. It was uncanny how she and I would be discussing a home and we would both have the same ideas about what could be done to make it fit our needs. We hadn’t found the right place before we had to return to our west coast home but Annie soon found it and I returned solely based on her knowledge of what we were looking for. She was right and we proceeded with the purchase. She managed the negotiations, purchase agreement and followed through by providing guidance on all the necessary details. She lined up professionals for the inspections, appraisal and recommended an excellent real estate lawyer to handle the closing. We could not be happier to have found Annie and to have worked with her on our new home purchase.

Will L.

I contacted Annie back in February to get more info on a farm property that I really liked she got right back to me and stayed in communication (above and beyond the call of duty) and from that point on we were on a mission to secure this property 5.5 long months later (because of my own issues not being able to secure a traditional loan) she managed to broker a deal with the seller and the seller’s agent to do a very unconventional owner finance type of setup. She did everything she could to make it happen, and she had a smile on her face the whole time. The best part, she followed through and we finally closed in this dream property on Aug 1st (after she had to negotiate, write countless emails and phone calls, and jump through so many different hoops). She couldn’t have been kinder and more concerned for my best interest. And I couldn’t have done it without her commitment and attentio…

Romano M.

Moving is such a daunting task, and no one likes to do it. Am I right? When I began the process of relocating to Maine, I had no clue where to begin. I looked at homes online, and left messages in regard to the ones that interested me. Annie Higbee was the only agent who called me back. She was amazing from the first phone call. She is incredibly honest, straightforward and knowledgeable about real estate, be it purchase or rental, and she works tirelessly to help you see your dream come true. She was never at a loss for answers or options, and that alone is comforting when you’re navigating unfamiliar territory. Never have I ever thought I could own a home, but I do, and I owe it to Annie. If you are looking for a home, look no further, because no one will treat you so well or help you so professionally. Contact Annie Higbee.

Robin L.

Annie? What a kindred spirit! The first time I talked with Annie, I felt no pressure, just a kind voice on the other end, introducing herself as having an interest in fulfilling any real estate questions or needs that I may have. Working with Annie was nothing short of professional and I find that quite attractive, when putting my trust in someone, who will be handling such an investment. I found her to be well driven, knowledgeable, resourceful to getting things done and would get questions answered throughout the entire real estate process in the most prompt ways. I don’t care what time of day or night, she would respond promptly, and with always a friendly manner. Thanks, Annie, for your “get ‘err done” attitude, great humor, and true love of the world of real estate.

Mike K.

We first found Annie after looking at many reviews to find an agent who was proactive and responsive. After some email correspondence with Annie we decided that we would work with her. We sent her a short list of properties we were interested in and she lined up 17 viewings in a two day whirlwind trip to ME from DC. After we made a decision she was very helpful in getting our offer to the sellers and all through a rather long and painful negotiating process she was very helpful and positive. She was a great help at the closing and has become more than an agent and we now count her as a friend and also a close neighbor as well!

Ren P.

I’ll try to keep this short, because I imagine you’ve read a lot of reviews and a lot of profiles. Annie is the realtor you want. Annie worked with us for 8 months, we negotiated and went under backup or contract 5 times. In that process, I met a lot of other agents. There were certainly a few I was impressed with, but there were also a large number of whom just didn’t stack up. There are very few names on these listings that I don’t recognize, and without hesitation, I can tell you Annie should be your Realtor. Every positive thing you’ve read about her is true.

Carla G.

I want to acknowledge my realtor, Annie Higbee Downhome Maine for all she did to advise, prepare, and guide me through the process of selling my beautiful home and land in Hope. Annie is amazing at her profession. If it is time for you to sell or buy a property in 2018, call Annie Higbee. Send her a message through Facebook or dial her phone number which you’ll see on her page, and start the process. Working with Annie will make a very big process in your life fun and much easier! Thank you Annie!


Annie started helping us in our search long before we actually relocated to Maine. After we arrived, she was there right from the beginning. She was very helpful in each step of the way, while we looked at many properties until we decided on the one that best suited us. She responded promptly to any and all questions. She also has a great knowledge of local craftsmen and workers and is very willing to share it. She has a very upbeat attitude and a great smile.

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