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Welcome to The Islands

(Vinalhaven, North Haven, Islesboro, Matinicus, Monhegan)

Secluded. Natural. Wild. These are some ways to describe Maine’s “unbridged” islands of   Vinalhaven, North Haven, Islesboro, Matinicus, and Monhegan. Scattered along Maine’s coast, these islands offer the natural beauty of Maine without all of the hustle and bustle. 

These islands are best known for their vacation appeal. Travel by ferry, sailboat, powerboat, or plane to one of their rocky coasts. Enjoy the wilderness all around you. Explore these islands without feeling like a tourist—that’s their magic.

Home prices on these islands range from $500k to over $5 million. Because these islands are primarily destination locations, many people tend to buy or build beautiful vacation or “rusticator”  homes with ample land and incredible views. Islands were historic for native cultures, fishing, and granite quarry sources. 

What to Love

  • Quiet
  • Wilderness
  • Sailing/ Boating

People and Lifestyle

There’s a lot of pride behind the people who live on or visit these islands—pride in their history, community, and lifestyle. People here value their communities and their natural surroundings and want to preserve them. There’s also a slower pace of life—one that emphasizes the joys of a sailing wind and quiet mornings on the water.

These islands are home to a variety of people. There are young families, retirees, working-class, and those that summer only. The strong community makes it a great place for families, while the quiet, slow pace of life is ideal for older people. No matter who they are, the locals are proud to live here.

Dining, Shopping, & Entertainment

Their rich histories define these island communities. While they may not be home to dozens of restaurants and shops, they are home to community-oriented spaces and places.

Vinalhaven was home to renowned artist Robert Indiana. His grand home sits in the middle of the island’s downtown area. Since his passing, there has been an effort to convert the house into a museum. Fans of art can stop by the Monhegan Museum, where some of sailor Rockwell Kent’s paintings are proudly displayed. Also on Vinalhaven is the historic Star of Hope Building—originally a congregation site for the local group “Independent Order of Odd Fellows.”

Things to Do

All of these islands have one thing in common: sailing. There’s no better place for sailing than Penobscot Bay. Explore the more than 40 miles of the waterfront as you stop in small, welcoming harbors. Tie up your boat and explore the quaint “downtown” areas on each island. Pack a picnic and prepare for a gorgeous sunset. Penobscot Bay is the ideal summer location.


The Islands are home to a number of excellent schools. Top educational opportunities include:

  • North Haven Community School
  • Vinalhaven Community School

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