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The Hummingbird & The Narwhal by Annie Higbee

The Hummingbird & The Narwhal by Annie Higbee

The Hummingbird and the Narwhal is a children’s book that educates and shares the point of view of 2 animals living in opposite and separate worlds. Written and illustrated with pencil drawings and acrylic paintings, the story is about the unlikely yet magical meeting, the two beings share the possibility of love, kindness, magic and connection in an example for all beings. The result is an inspirational story of the journey of oneness and the powerful results of togetherness.

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Bean Group DownHomeMaine presents weekly summer concert series. Every Friday night. 6-9 PM We have an eclectic group of musicians, artists, light shows, food, and vendors. Come and share your talent or just come and enjoy!

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